Duel Evolution


New Player Tutorial

Time: 2018-02-06 01:27

Set up Monster Card: Drag the monster card down to the field. (Monster is in Attack position when we summon it)

Monster Card


Use Spell Card: Drag the Spell Card down to the field(If the spell card is equipment, it has to move towards the monster card)

Spell Card


Change to Defensive Position: Drag the monster card towards the bottom side of the field to switch position.

Change to Defensive Position


End of Round: Press the ‘End’ button on the bottom right corner.

End of Round


Tribute Summon: Summoning 5-star card and 6-card on the field needs to tribute 1 monster that hasn’t acted yet, 7-8 Star need two attributes, 9-10 star need three attributes.

Tribute Summon

Please select 1 tribute monsters


Attack: Drag our own card towards opponent’s card to attack. (If the opponent’s monster in defensive position is destroyed, the opponent won’t lose LP)



Fusion:With enough Fusion Material, drag the Fusion Spell Card down to the field to fuse them into rare monsters.


please select fusion target

please select 2 fusion mats


Trap Card: Drag the card down to the field, and it will be face-down on the Trap Zone.(The trap card is only face-up when it is activated.

Trap Card

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